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Welcome to our blog of our 2013 trip. We Have been camping since our honeymoon. Each summer we take a trip to a new part of our country. We try to stop at local fairs & festivals, take tours of manufacturing plants, do a little kayaking, and try to get an up close look at how people live! Join us! This Bog runs from our most recent post backwards. At the end of this year,I have left the past years blog. Double click on any picture to get a larger image. These are all low res versions. If you see one you really like, let me know and I'll send you a better image.

Liz & Bruce on the way to Minnesota, last year

Friday, January 6, 2012


I just realized that I never got back to this after Liz's accident in Rockport ME. Unfortunately she fell and broke her arm. We continued the trip, but I didn't have time to continue the Blog.
We're examining alternatives for our new trip for the summer of 2012.
Right now the Maritime provinces of Canada are competing with Minnesota. We'll see!